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Friday, 16 September 2011

Afternoon walks in the Brionnais region

Yesterday I spent a pleasant afternoon visiting my mum at her new home that I found for her in the tiny hamlet of Mans located a short drive from La Clayette.

As it was another lovely sunny day my mum suggested going for a walk along one of the many routes she has discovered on her doorstep. I often catch her on one of her walks as she loves the outdoors, and as the weather has been fabulous for many months now she is getting to know her surrounding area rather well!

On our journey we had the pleasure of admiring the many Charollais cows and even a rather impressive Charollais bull. I never tire of watching these animals as they are very charming and funny to watch as they skip around the field!

On our way back I took photos of the view overlooking the hamlet, and as we passed one of the large country manors we had the pleasure of meeting its owner who is a very friendly retired lady who even though does not speak a word of English instantly said that my mum has to come round one day soon to have a cup of tea and a chat!

That is what I love about the people here, they are so friendly and welcoming that even a language barrier does not seem to stop them wanting to welcome you to the village!

View over the hamlet of Mans

I just love these charming animals!

Very impressive!

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