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Sunday, 24 March 2013

A day in the life of a property finder.

At first glance the job of a property finder may seem quite straightforward – the clue is in the name, you have to find a property; this in itself is actually the easy part – due to living in the area, knowing every corner of the region, and having a good understanding of the local market and how the agents and private sellers work. 

However, at closer inspection the role of a property finder is a lot more complicated than that. My clients are not just asking me to find them a property, they are asking me to find them a home, which is much more delicate and which usually leads to finding them a new life altogether. Get this wrong, and you will have unhappy clients on your hands!

The key to a successful search is to spend a long time getting to know your clients and building up a relationship. This can be over a period of several months, via emails and telephone conversations. It may just start out with giving them some information on the area, or about property prices, then sending them my newsletter to keep them in the loop of what is happening in Southern Burgundy. 

Then suddenly one day I will receive an email that will say “we are finally in a position to make the move to France but we need your help and expertise please!” ...

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