At home in Southern Burgundy

I created this blog to promote what Southern Burgundy has to offer: great way of life, beautiful countryside, fantastic weather and many colourful villages and towns to explore.

Keep in touch to find out what is happening with the local property market and what's going on in the area ......



Cluny is well known for its Abbey, which used to be the spiritual and political capital throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Nowadays the Abbey still attracts many visitors, but once arrived in Cluny people remember it for other reasons too. The pretty cobbled streets, with charming and colourful houses, winding their way through the town whilst blending perfectly with the huge array of unique boutiques and bistros allowing visitors to experience the local specialties.

Cluny is minutes from the beautiful countryside, with easy access to the motorway, providing a perfect stopping point for people wanting to experience the Burgundy and Beaujolais wine routes. 


Charolles is the old capital of the county Charolais, and is part of the Charolais Brionnais beautiful countryside. The town is situated on one of the main Charolais rivers, the Arconce and is dotted with several canals, which gives it its name “Venice of the Charolais”.

Located in the heart of the countryside, the area’s many rolling hills are covered with lush forests and hedged farmland dedicated mainly to livestock farming, notably the famous Charolais known as the white bull. 
For music lovers, Charolles holds its annual music festival in July, and there is a show jumping competition also in July.

Charolles is definitely worth a visit and as it is easily accessible from many small villages and hamlets, you are able to combine the best of both worlds, country living and town life. 

La Clayette

The countryside surrounding La Clayette is made up of an array of luscious greens and blues. Benefitting from its excellent location with the wooded Dun Mountain to one side and the green fields of the Brionnais region to the other. Pasturelands spreading over vast horizons, forest covered hilltops, winding county lanes, rivers, and lakes providing relaxation for all visitors.

Food lovers won’t be disappointed, as you savour the world renowned Charolais meat and the goats cheeses accompanied with the local Brionnais wine, or the Burgundy grand crus and its chocolates. Along with a stopover in one of the nearby welcoming gites makes La Clayette a place you cannot miss. 

Bourbon Lancy

Bourbon Lancy is a touristic and gastronomical town situated in the heart of Burgundy overlooking the Loire Valley which offers many attractions to its visitors: picturesque old town, luscious green parks, marked hiking paths, a lake, and a rich and varied cultural heritage.

Situated at the borders of three departments: Saone et Loire, Nièvre, and Allier, Bourbon Lancy has been known for centuries for its virtues and quality of its renowned spa and thermal baths for aiding rheumatism, arthritis, and infertility.

Take time out to explore the surrounding countryside, which will make Bourbon Lancy a place you will want to return to time and time again.