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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Property prices in Burgundy still 3rd lowest in the country!

After looking over property statistics on I was surprised to see that Burgundy house prices are still in 3rd position being one of the cheapest areas to buy property in France! 

The area I cover as a buying agent is the Saône-et-Loire, more precisely the Maconnais/Clunisois region and the Charollais/Brionnais region, the former being the most expensive area of the Saône-et-Loire and the latter being the cheapest, which means I have a great range of properties and prices to choose from for my clients looking to purchase a real slice of French life.

With prices being the 3rd lowest in the country it is surely good news for foreign buyers as they are bound to find their dream French property at a bargain price in this beautiful area of Burgundy!

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