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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Exquisite craftsmanship at Cluny

Since the beginning of July 70 regional ceramists and potters have been displaying their work at the "Ecuries St Hugues" just off the main square in Cluny where the market takes place every Saturday.

A relaxing atmosphere awaits where you can escape from the heat to admire the craftsmanship, it is also possible to purchase one of these little treasures and prices start from as little as 10€.

I am just admiring my purchase of a beautiful blue ceramic bowl that goes perfectly on my mantelpiece that I acquired for 18€!

This event which is on until the 18th September was organised to honour the famous ceramist Frère Daniel - Daniel de Montmolin, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday this month.

Entry is free and is open Tuesday to Sunday 10-12pm and 3-7pm - definitely worth a visit!

Also on this week is an exposition by the Glasshouse de Sivignon. I have never such divine pieces of glasswear. So different yet simplistic in their forms, to own one of these pieces would definitely make an impression on any visitor!

The exposition is just off the market square opposite the ceramic and pottery event until next Monday. They also have a show room in Sivignon just west of Cluny and is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm. Take a look at their website: Glasshouse de Sivignon

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