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Monday, 23 January 2012

Property search in and around Beaune - what a treat!

Just recently I had the pleasure of searching out properties in and around the area of Beaune. This is actually on the outskirts of my Southern Burgundy territory but as it was such a precise search and the time-scale was quite short (2-3 weeks over the Christmas period) and my clients were coming from far away in Australia, I decided to take on the challenge!

I am very pleased that I did as I really enjoyed discovering the many renowned wine villages that this area of Burgundy has to offer. My clients knew the area very well and wanted me to concentrate on the villages that can be found mostly to the south and west of Beaune, within easy driving access to the city centre.

My favourite villages were Savigny-les-Beaune, and Santenay as they have everything that you could wish for in terms of commodities plus a few extra restaurants! However I also loved the smaller village of Volnay which is very rich and known throughout the world for its delicious wine produce!

As the visits took place in winter time I was obviously not seeing it at its best (!) but it managed to capture my heart even with the lack of the summer heat, so I know that in the summer time I will definitely be taking time out to take a day trip up the wine route and stop off at some of the little cafes and restaurants I have found throughout my search.

I understand why Beaune and its surrounding wine villages attract so many visitors from all over the world, however property prices are a lot higher than if you were to look just that little bit further south nearer to Cluny. The scenery is just as beautiful with just as many charming villages and the temperatures are that little bit higher as Macon is the official border where the South of France begins. I guess until people discover this part of Burgundy house prices will remain relatively low which is good news for those who have already fallen in love with Southern Burgundy!

Here are some photos of some of the properties and areas I visited, enjoy....

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