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Friday, 21 October 2011

Food delight in Southern Burgundy

When you think of Burgundy the first thing that comes to mind are the fabulous vineyards, and usually you next think of the gastronomical delights that this beautiful region is known for.

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to get the chance to combine exquisite food with some of the regions best wines when I was invited by an expat client to have lunch at the well known Charollais restaurant Frédéric Doucet.

Famous for its fine creative cuisine such as the famous Charolais steak, breast of pigeon, fillets of Erquy sole or warm grand marnier soufflé. Frédéric Doucet offers elegant dining in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, where the waiting staff are extremely attentive and are the perfect image of the true French waiter with their crisp white aprons and black suits.

I chose the Menu "Instant Gourmand" which for 39€ you get starter, main and dessert. On top of this you have the pleasant surprise of being served two amuse bouches before the starter which are a small meal in themselves! These little savoury delights make you realise that you are in for a real treat with the rest of the meal.

For the starter I had fried foie gras with roasted apples, spinach salad with a rich sauce, followed by roasted hunted duck, candied apples and french chanterelles mushrooms, and for dessert I had the Doucet "All Chocolate" which consists of four small chocolate desserts:

My expat client had the warm soufflé with Grand Marnier:

After all of this delightful food I was rather full but we were in for another treat as when we were brought the coffees we were also served four small mignardises which was a dessert in itself! 

Throughout the meal we were able to taste some of the wines the region is famous for: Pouilly Fuissé, and Givry. The wine menu was a very thick black book, and offers any wine imaginable!

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is in the Southern Burgundy area, or for those a bit further away it is definitely worth the extra miles as this experience will remain one of the pleasures that you will want to repeat again and again! And at the small price of 39€ it is definitely great value for money!


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