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I created this blog to promote what Southern Burgundy has to offer: great way of life, beautiful countryside, fantastic weather and many colourful villages and towns to explore.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Property of the month!

This month I have decided to show you what you can get when you have a very good budget of just under 400K in this area of Burgundy. True there are lots of properties that can be purchased for less than 150K, but I could not resist showing you this property at it is located in the beautiful area of Matour which is in the Clunisois region with all commodities in the village.

The property is a traditional old farmhouse which has been fully renovated with style retaining its original features creating a welcoming atmosphere.
The house offers 170m2 of living space with fitted kitchen, large living room with open fire place, and four good sized bedrooms.

The outside space that comes with this property does not disappoint with 1,300m2 of well maintained gardens with stunning views over the Burgundy countryside, swimming pool and a large barn.

The property has an asking price of 389,000€. Should you wish to find out more about this property or what else is on offer in this part of Burgundy then please get in touch!

Monday, 10 September 2012

The French health system has lived up to its reputation!

I have always known that the French health system was good, but until now I have not really had the full experience. 

That was until I could no longer put up with my back pain and so took some time out and went to my local GP in the village where I live.

I have had problems with my back and neck since I was 14! I have tried every treatment from physio to osteopaths to acupuncture, all which are rather expensive in the UK and need to be maintained regularly. 

Not once in over 15 years did any doctor or specialist in the UK suggest having a full scan of my spine and neck, but just one visit to the GP here in France and he had me shipped off to a radiologist for a full scan which I was able to book the following week - no waiting around! 

The service was impeccable in a modern clinic and I was even given my scans to take home with me! The cost was 150€ which is fully reimbursed through my carte vitale (health card) and my mutuelle (health insurance).

The scan showed that my neck and spine were too straight among other things which explained why I was permanently suffering - this in itself was such a relief as I finally had an explanation for my pain! 

Once the doctor had seen the scans he gave me a prescription which referred me to a kiné (physio) for as many appointments as was necessary. 

I had expected this to be another expensive affair but kiné are on the same level as GPs and so are 100% reimbursed just with the carte vitale! 

And to top things off there was a kiné in my village so 2 minutes on foot from my house - that is what I call a luxury as I am used to having to at least take the car in the UK to get to a specialist.

I have now had 5 appointments with the kiné - twice a week and have only just been asked to pay - 80€ for the 5 appointments... which will be back in my bank account by the end of the week! 

Not only does the kiné have a modern office with fabulous views over the Burgundy countryside but also a gym area with lots of sports equipment which I will soon be making the most of so that I can strengthen my back muscles, again 100% reimbursed!

Finally I feel confident that I can get my back problems sorted and that help is on hand just up the road and for free should I ever need it in the future. 

All of this in a small village in the heart of the Burgundy countryside, now that is what I call an impressive service!