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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What is the best way to travel to the UK from France?

I suppose this question all depends on where in France you live and how many people you need to take with you!

In my case I was travelling with my husband, baby daughter and my mum, so after looking into all travel options we decided on driving to Calais then taking the ferry on the way there as this would give us a good break from the car and would be an adventure for my daughter who is 2 1/2! We took the Eurotunnel on the way back where we were also allowed to catch an earlier train, very flexible journey!

This was also the cheapest option because we were four people travelling and even though it takes longer in time than flying from Lyon, I will definitely be doing it again, as the roads from where I live in Burgundy just 20 minutes from the A6, are a dream with hardly any traffic and with two stops for a coffee and to stretch our legs it took us a comfortable 7 hours to arrive at Calais, where we were able to catch an earlier ferry and arrive at Dover for 4pm UK time.

This was when the fun started as instead of a 2 hour journey to Hampshire it took us over 3 hours as we had the pleasure of travelling on the M25... However we still made good time and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the family for a few days and visiting Peppa World near Southampton!

Another benefit of taking the car is that you can bring back lots of goodies that you just don't get here in France! My list consisted of: Galaxy chocolate, Cadbury's giant buttons, Soreen malt loaf, Fox's biscuits, blue WKD and lots more bad things for your health and waistline! I wonder how long my stock will last!

That's what I love about this part of France, we are not too far to travel by car, but also have Lyon airport just over an hour away, or the Eurostar from Paris which is just an 1 1/2 direct train ride from Macon, making being away from my family that little bit easier as I know I am just a short journey away from them whenever I need!